The Shurale`s teeth
Height: 689 m.
Range: the Karatash.
Distance to the top: 3 km.
Height difference: 314 m.
Time for ascent: 1−2 hours.
Total hike time: 4 hours.

The Shulare`s teeth are rocks on the northern slope of the Karatash ridge, also known as Aigir or Eagle Rocks. Probably the most popular tourist place of the republic with one of the most spectacular views. In clear weather, a picturesque panorama from the Zimardan Range in the west to Mezhgorye in the east opens from here.
The Peak Ufa
Height: 919.9 m.
Range: the Karatash.
Distance to the top: 3.8 km.
Height difference: 545 m.
Time for ascent: 1.5−2 hours.
Total hike time: 5 hours.

Peak Ufa is the highest point of the Karatash ridge. In comparison with its northern extremity — the Shurale`s Teeth — this peak is almost unknown among tourists. That’s why it is perfect for diversifying trips to your favorite Aigir and looking at it from the other side.
The Karatash ridge
For those who want to make the trip to Aigir as full as possible, we recommend to go on traverse along the Karatash ridge. It is more interesting and physically easier to go from the peak of Ufa to the Shurale`s teeth, and not vice versa. So you get an interesting circular hike length of 10 kilometers. But even though as there is a beaten path, we do not recommend going without a navigator. At least until there is no marking.
The Maliy Yamantau ridge
The highest point: 976 m.
Distance from the Revet village to the top: 7 km.
Height difference: 600 m.
Time for ascent: 2.5−3.5 hours.
Total hike time: 6−7 hours.

The view of the Malyi Yamantau opens from the Shurale`s teeth. It is located on the territory of the

South Ural State Reserve. The route starts from the main manor in the village. Entrance to the territory has to be paid and the excursion has to be accompanied by a reserve personnel.
The Borisov furnaces
One-way distance: 2 km.
Way time: 30 minutes — 1 hour.
Total hike time: 2 hour.

There are very beautiful mowing glades at the foot of the Karatash. At the furthest of them the remains of three furnaces are located. In these furnaces people were burning of trees (pines). So in the Southern Urals, charcoal was harvested for steelmaking factories. Separate families engaged in this works. They settled villages in the places where coal production was going on, and these places were called by the family names.
The Blueberry hill
One-way distance: 700.
Way time: 25 minutes.
Total hike time: 1 hour.

To the left of the Karatash you can see the end of a small ridge, which is called the Bilberry hill. In good weather, the view of the Karatash Range is breathtaking. There really grows blueberries, the healing properties of which can not be overestimated. On the ridge there is a pine forest. Tourists like to set up tents on this hill, because there are no mosquitoes, and the view is wonderful.
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